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News January 17, 2013

Actually, the most part of modern autos are equipped with an injection engine that have a core called Engine Control Unit or E.C.U., that is basically an electronic box or computer. The function of this box is to control the amount of petrol or diesel that will be injected and regulate the moment of ignition or injection determined by different parameters: outside temperature, admission of air density, gas-feed opening and more.

All this information is saved in one or more memories called Eproms (that is like a chip or memory that can be erasable and programmable). That’s why all details needed for the right running of the engine are placed there. Every single value located in the chip is retained in its own separate point (that is called ‘address’), and when we make a chiptuning to our car, what we are doing is changing the Eprom of our car or any other electronic control system of a vehicle in exchange of acquiring enhaced efficiency and a rise in the power of the car engine. That process is called too re-chipping.

In the other hand exists the remapping or OBD tuning, that just modifies the values of these groups of addresses that administer factors as fuelling or combustion timing, and if the engine is prepared for turbo, activate the turbo boost.

The ECU system of our car is normally located within the dashboard panel of controls. It can be accessed through a port known as diagnostic port. For getting the best results, it’s better leaving the treatment of the chip to a professional service, but we can also set up an additional control unit module ourselves for saving money, like the one we can get from a shop.

Following the initial value of the placement of the ECU chip and when we tune the engine for its best perfomance, we will finally begin to see some considerable savings. For example, we’ll start reducing a lot of gas consumption and prepare the engine for running smoother. That way, we can assure that are less running costs related to make an engine chip tuning than without it.




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