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U2, an incredible group

Music March 23, 2014

U2 is one of the most important rock band of all the world and history, due to its success and longevity into the music scene. This band born in 1976 in Dublin, and originally it was known with the name of The Larry Mullen Band; they also thought of calling themselves as Feedback or The Hype. U2 is composed by Bono (real name Paul David Hewson), who is the leader, guitarist and singer of the band; The Edge (whose real name is David Howell Evans), who plays guitar, keyboards and also do some vocals; Adam Clayton who plays the bass guitar; and Larry Mullen Jr., who plays drums and percussion.

early u2

In the beginning they tended to make a post-punk music that evolved with the time to include other music influences like rock, pop or alternative styles. Their lyrics are often politically committed and speak about spirituality or personal themes. Their career had always been related to fighting for human rights and philanthropic causes.

This band was the fourth music group that appeared on the front cover of Time magazine, later than The Beatles, The Band and The Who. Also they were the biggest export from Ireland at the early 1990’s decade, what made them the music symbol of that country.

u2 group

The group have released twelve studio albums and have sold more than 150 million records along their career. One of their amazing achievements is having won 22 Grammy Awards, one record that no other band have obtained. In 2005 they entered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Rolling Stone magazine ranked them at number 22 as the “One Hundred Greatest Artist Of All Time” and classified as the “Biggest Band in the World”.

Their big moment came in 1987, when they released their The Joshua Tree album and stepped into a superstar status. After this, all of their studio albums have topped the charts worlwide (in Ireland, Netherlands, Canada or New Zealand, they spotted the number one with all of these albums from that moment with no exception). U2 reinvented their image in the 1990’s decade with the Achtung Baby album and the Zoo TV Tour, welcoming influences of alternative rock, industrial or dance music in their imagery and music, making them more ironic and rebel.

U2 1987 in Belfast

Their concerts have been acclaimed all over the world, and their last U2 360° Tour from 2009–2011 was the most attended and highest-grossing concert tour in history, winning the Billboard Touring Award, collecting $736 million in ticket sales, and having the highest-attended tour with over 7.2 million tickets sold. Every date of this tour sold out, proving that U2 tickets are surely sold within minutes. The production of this tour was awesome, with the concept of a 360º degrees stage resembling a spaceship and different songlists throughout the legs of the tour, that started 30 of June in 2009 and ended the 30 of July in 2011.

U2 360 Tour



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